The 3-2-1 Service delivers free, trusted, life-enhancing information to people on the mobile devices they already use — whether it is a simple phone, a feature phone, a smartphone, or a tablet.

The messages on the 3-2-1 Service are developed by local, regional, and international subject matter experts through content committees convened by Human Network International in each country where the service is active.

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Telecom Partners

Our telecom partners around the world provide the 3-2-1 Service to their subscribers for free.

3-2-1 World Map

Native Speakers: Local Languages

Through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) channel, the audio versions of the messages are available even to people with limited literacy and limited phones. With a slightly better phone (feature phone) or a smartphone, the audio messages on our web channel, 321online.

Text-Based Channels

The messages available in a text format as well through SMS text messages and USSD channels available on most phones, plus through the web channel, 321online.

For more information about the 3-2-1 Service visit >>