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a special bond by Benny Lin (CC BY-NC 2.0)


The 3-2-1 Service will launch in Pakistan by the end of 2018. Contact us to be part of the 3-2-1 Service in Pakistan!

Telenor Pakistan

Telenor PakistanMobile phone penetration in Pakistan is more than 33 percent. Our partner Telenor Pakistan has 40 million subscribers, and more than 25 percent of the market share. Telenor align their agenda directly with UN Sustainable Development Goals, and supports projects in three areas:

  • Enable – interventions which empower and make a positive impact on underserved groups through innovative use of telecommunications/Information Communication Technologies
  • Train – interventions that utilize Telenor Pakistan’s core competencies to build capacity of the vulnerable
  • Inform – interventions that use Telenor Pakistan’s core competency to generate socially beneficial information – this stream also includes awareness activities.

Partners in Pakistan

Contact us for more information about our partners in Pakistan.